Experience underpinned by training

Pacific Towing is managed by experienced staff with a wealth of local and international marine services expertise, with all staff trained to the highest national levels. Our Senior Masters and Chief Engineers have completed years of internal and external training. Safety training for every staff member is paramount.

Importantly, we have a record of sustained investment in the maritime industry and a proud history in the training and the development of local seafarers at all levels. Pacific Towing has its own Cadetship Program and is heavily invested in the ‘Maritime Women’s Scholarship Program’.

Pacific Towing staff enjoy rigorous international training experiences as far afield as Australia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Qatar.

Investing in women & leading the international maritime community

In 2018 in partnership with the Australian Government, Swire Shipping and Consort Express Lines, we introduced our ‘Maritime Women’s Scholarship Program’. Aspiring female deck and engine cadets are having their careers fast-tracked via the program which has won Pacific Towing international recognition.