You’re In Safe Hands

Pacific Towing draws upon nearly 50 years of maritime safety experience, servicing our clients throughout the waters of PNG, Oceania and South East Asia.  Safety drives everything that we do.  It is embedded in our culture and our systems.

Employee training and development underpins continuous improvement in safety and in risk management throughout our workplaces, operations, and processes. Pacific Towing staff are well trained in both their actual job as well as the industry specific safety requirements of our clients.Our focus on safety extends beyond our organisation to collaborative programs with our business partners.

Pacific Towing is ISO 45001 (Occupational Health & Safety Management) certified and we understand and comply with Australian and international standards.

“The safety of not just our own employees but those of our contractors and business partners too, is a value which will not be compromised. We are totally committed to fulfilling all of our safety obligations.”

Neil Papenfus
General Manager Pacific Towing

Safe service as well as safety services

Pacific Towing’s product range includes ‘24/7’ emergency response services such as salvaging and pollution prevention.

Irrespective of which service we provide you with, you’re in safe hands when you partner with Pacific Towing.

Thinking, working & living safely.
Every hour, every day, everywhere