Environmental protection comes second only to safety

We adhere to the maritime industry’s international environmental standards, complying with all requirements and policies to minimise our environmental footprint. Pacific Towing is also ISO 45001 (Environmental Management) certified.

Healthy water – ‘it’s the air that we breathe’

Environmental protection is not a matter of ‘have to’ at Pacific Towing but rather ‘want to’. Founded on the multi-island nation of PNG which is home to some of the most precious, unique and diverse marine life in the world, Pacific Towing understands the importance of healthy marine environments to our heritage, our communities, and our business.

Programs to protect our waterways & communities

Pacific Towing knows that it operates in biodiverse rich marine environments central to the cultural and commercial well-being of many communities. We have programs, systems and procedures in place to minimise our environmental impact, aligning with the Steamships Environmental Charter and those of our clients. Pacific Towing follows all environmental protection rules and procedures.

Environmental protection services

Not only does Pacific Towing strive to minimise its own environmental footprint, we provide niche services to help our business partners do likewise. Our marine salvage and pollution prevention services are just another way that we care for the oceans and waterways of Pacific nations and beyond.